The Facelift 2: Artofficial Attributes

by Anacron



Anacron delivers "The Facelift 2"; the second awesomely artistic experiment in his eclectic remix series. Miles beyond the typical hip-hop "mixtape," Anacron employs his talents as a producer, instrumentalist, rapper, and singer to morph 13 previously crafted tunes into completely evolved (and revolved) interpretations.

‎"...Anacron’s remixes are infectious rather than pretentious. One of the few tasteful remix projects that you will hear..." -

"[Anacron]’s created an album that brings together both the old and the new, shows off his impressive lyrical flexibility, and gives us something that’s dope to rock from start to finish." -

‎"It's like finding $20 on the ground, only you look closer and it's $100." -

"I could go on about how great it is (especially his track “Sturdy Mobbin”, a DOPE Ice Cube cover)... Support an independent artist that does it his own way." -

"Anacron = Quality aka Dont Sleep." -

"If you haven't heard Anacron's 'The FaceLift 2' I highly recommend it. excellently done!" - Kevin Beacham, Rhymesayers and Redefinition Radio

"[Anacron] has released a killer remix project... [He's] killing it!" - DJ ChiliBreakz (Brazil)

Be sure to download the first-born compilation of tracks in the series, "The Facelift: Fabricated Features", also available free via Bandcamp.


released January 10, 2011

All songs remixed by Anacron for Manoemusicc/UNFAMOUS. All rapping, singing, live instrumentation (saxophone, double bass, grand piano, keyboards, drum machines, synths, live drum kits) by Anacron except where noted.

f/ = "Featuring artists performing original material"
w/ = "With pre-recorded unofficial appearances by"

All material copyright controlled by it's respective owners. This project for promotional use only; resale is expressly prohibited.

Album artwork & design by Manoe.One for INKmob GrafX.
Photography by the talented & beautiful Miss Taya Rogers.




Anacron Los Angeles, California

Music producer, composer, instrumentalist, DJ, & b-boy. Defining versatile, his music touches all, inspiring awe with amazing performances. Recognized and having collaborated with well-known names in underground hip-hop; Anacron's built a successful yet unassuming history in music. Comfortably celebrating an UNFAMOUS status, he defies fleeting hype, finding success through hard work & pure talent. ... more

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Track Name: 2011 (Believe) w/ Battlecat
It’s 2011, I’m glad that I made it;
lucky I’m let in, I had to get faded
I’m high off life, I’m straight edge still
With a “Let’s Get”-ethic; Ok, let’s build a foundation
That sounds great when spoken out loud
I’m proud I found patience
Last year, we cleared the first hurdle
Papsmeared frontiers that were fertile
Now it’s time to plant the seed to grow your plans, indeed
Know you can succed, you’ve just got to believe that you are capable
and if it’s meant to be, your destiny is inescapable
Even though you never know what the future holds
When you’re there, you’ll be prepared just because you were bold
“Tomorrow brings a better you,” like the homie Tevin
For now stay focused on 2011

We’ve grown to where we are, the road was very far
A toast; put it in the air for memoirs
We are focused, and we know just what we need and where to go
because I believe

Some believe the world is going to end next year
Only you control how it affects your next steps here
Never fear or question the unknown
Forever clear, evolve, become grown
2010 in hindsight was the beginning;
Success within reach of access, you’ll be winning
if you extend yourself and lend some help
It comes back to you when you give it to someone else
Karma’s a bitch, and balance is a motha’
but you’re never going to find one if you don’t have the other
You can’t fix the past, but you can ruin the present
obsessing over the future, this lesson’s going to last
Success is coming fast, the pressure’s going to blow
If you don’t have confidence, it’s an ominous road to the top
Don’t stop, have faith, and breathe
You’ll receive all you need to achieve
Please believe

We’ve grown to where we are, the road was very far
A toast; put it in the air for memoirs
We are focused, and we know just what we need and where to go
because I believe
Track Name: Up f/ Tone, Jasmine Golan
It's funny how fame is, lamers was once nameless
get known and those they've known become strangers
I'm Unfamous, "real"'s what my mind-frame is
and nothing's gonna change this -- eff it like when I smang this
I keep a list of everyone that ever showed me love
'cause now that I am blowing up, these fakers going to be phony, bruh
If you ain't supported me back when this heat got started, G
I'm going to come at you foul and leave you hanging, standing there looking retarded
That's what's up! Better believe that up in here it's going down, down
Anacron brought Tone and Jasmine Golan along and you know we get around town
Venice, to Culver City, to Downtown, Inglewood, Ladera Heights, southbound
We hit the stage and engage to get praise and yay's, geek it up and get the crowd loud
Now everybody knows who we are, I guess that you could call us superstars
Now that we've blown up and people know us, we sho'nuff going to remain true to par
Some of you are just too bizarre, abandon your roots and look so suspect
We're standing with truth 'cause we gave love back, and don't need fame 'cause we've got respect

We blow up, up, up, up


What you gon'do when you make it? Girl, I'm gon' continue chasing
More dreams, cold drinks, and of course, that penetration
So, what's going to change? What these venues paying
All these niggas with me now, they'll probably end up staying
All these girls who say they're real, they'll probably end up faking
All these girlies that I'm crushing on, I'll probably end up hating
Because we're famous, I know hoes gon'try to frame us,
I know bro's who wasn't there before gon' probably try to claim us like
"Remember me? Elementary"
But I ain't trippin, that's part of this industry
See I live like Dre did like you live check to check
If you don't move your feet, then I don't eat, so we're like neck to neck
But Tone when you get on, are you gon'change? Yup, every day
New kicks, new clothes, new address where my parents stay
My cousin good, my grandma great, see if I'm good my family's straight
Be picture perfect if my face is where the cameras stay

We blow up, up, up, up

Happiness from lesser things
Not anything will change for me
It still be there, my everything
my fam and friends, and happiness

(Original lyrics published only)
Track Name: Still Sound w/ Toro Y Moi
Please dont go girl
The party's just getting started and the world
is beginning to twirl around me so rowdy
Soft words echo in my head so loudly
I can't let go
every time you leave, my world is slow-mo
You're everything I need, my girl is so dope
she got me on my knees, I'm pleading, don't go
oh no


I don't think you understand how serious this is baby
See, this loneliness is psychologic
It's a psychotic logic
It's obsessive, it's compulsive, it's obsessive-compulsive
I need you more than a reality star needs a job

I don't want to be alone
Whining and pouting like I'm un-grown
I stare in the air when my chick isn't there
It's a parasitic attachment, ticks in your hair
I'm a blood-sucking freak
SWV, so fucking weak
Texts coming to me for sex under the sheets
get X'ed from the delete by one touch of the screen
Separation anxiety
Where you are is where I'd like to be
I want you back and Jackson Five'ing me
but I'm fronting back, and that's the guy in me
Stereotypical male lesson
Feelings hella deep, but I can't express them
but I'm trying to let you know I can't let you go
I might die a slow death alone


And now we dance... and now we rock

Girl, you mean so much to me
You mean more to me than my Huffy
You mean more to me than my AMC Gremlin
You mean more to me than my pet fish Bartholomew, and I feed that fool like twice a day
Girl, you mean more to me than my own mama
If you stay with me, I'll love you down and I'll pick you up
I'd give anything to be with you right now, baby
I'll stop deejaying
I won't talk to my friends
I'll avoid direct eye contact with nubile young women
I won't even go on Twitter, baby
If you stay with me, I'll give up my season passes to Knott's Berry Farm
and you know how much I like jam
...because I love you

(Original lyrics published only)
Track Name: Rollin' (Civic Duties) w/ Dam-Funk
You hear the engine purr
and you know Anacron's finna be right thurrr
Screech around the corner hugging hairpin turns
Stern while it's bumpin' and petroleum burns
Skirts scrape the floor
racing lights bright enough to guide ships to shore
More than a comfortable fit for four
hella clean, pristine from the Street Dreams tour
Fuck chrome that spins
Gun-metal black five stars and rims
awesome asphaltronauts turbo boosting again
Black folks, black spokes, sport black low brims
Press pedals flat
hunch over the wheel, merge, and lean back
Luxury sedans, trucks, and all that
get smoked like stacks or sacks to the max

I do my Civic duty
when I'm rolling through these streets
These streets

Don't try to catch up to me
when I'm rolling through these streets
These streets

Headed home from the club
we be flooring it, pushing hondo and a dub
Tight grip on the wheel with my racing gloves
getting rub-a-dubbed down, fly Asian dove
Yeah, we at it again
101 110 405 off the 10
Early AM when the traffic's thin
hit the on ramp, vamp, then I'm gone with the wind
Woofer knocking so tight
with the speakers and the tweeters calibrated just right
Bose face fills the ride with a blue light
indigo interior in the dark of the night
We having a blast
Hoes in the back like, "you goin too fast"
Bitches get clowned while the homeboys laugh
and I pass on the shoulder under the overpass

I do my Civic duty
when I'm rolling through these streets
These streets

Don't try to catch up to me
when I'm rolling through these streets
These streets

The whip don't matter, 'cause we in the same traffic
This double-double-classic weave in and out of that quick
Jic Majic, floss Spoon and Buddy Club
Racing wheels and spokes, jokes for stock and hub
Centerforce clutch kit, Gemini Twin,
Venom nitrous, chromed out ignition system
Throw your keys up if you know what I'm talking about
Chirp the alarm, and rev it up loud
Vroom, vroom, this tune booms
specifically for differently equipped street whips
I love a old school full of fools pulling herb
Love them lo-lo's cholos hopping at the curb
but I had to put it down and blurt a couple words
for my cuddies doing about a buck twenty through the burbs
Eff what you heard, we stay on the throttle
Rice rocket import shows got the hottest models

I do my Civic duty
when I'm rolling through these streets
These streets

Don't try to catch up to me
when I'm rolling through these streets
These streets

(Original lyrics published only)
Track Name: Hide Me ft/ Ten G Bob, w/ Grandadbob, Al Usher
Pourin' up, pony up, let's work it
I'm a po'boy and pobody's nerfect
No hottie's worth it, stress your cause
I'm blessed with flaws like the rest of ya'll
I know sometimes that I do some thangs
that'll blow some minds and confuse some brains
I got some brain from an awesome dame
then my broad complained, that's the cost of fame
Mainframe change since back in the day
when I claimed a gang, now fools want to play
Don't let the way I dressed up get you messed up
My set's tough and you don't want to test us
I made changes and some mistakes,
but you judgmental bitches ought to pump your brakes
That's the point, people; and I'm going to preach about it
Abbreviate: I don't appreciate being doubted

My little lady wants us to advance
To things bigger, more than romance
Understand the position that your heart is in
This battle with your mind is a source of friction
Doubt and trust issues, negative, depressed
Burnt out, short fuse, a tornado of distress
Sweet Tooth has a plan, with you at his side
I swear to God, girl, we're going to be alright

Burning up with jealousy, baby steady doubting me
Brain-freeze, trapeze artist flipping out on me
Robbing me my odyssey, my Ten G Bobbery,
just another episode of being on the road
Five deep in a Corolla slangin' all that rock n' rolla
and she's blowing up my phone like a big old supernova
Hit the gas to get the cash
I'm Zach To The Future, now you're just the past

(Original lyrics published only)
Track Name: Infinity Guitars w/ Sleigh Bells
Yes kids, I'm next; it's
the artist Anacron, big shot where the West is
Brooklynites looking tight, D. and Alexis
Sleigh Bells, stage right, freaking a set list
I'm front row, rock show, hella eclectic
Underground personified, indie respected
Gaining rich and famous ain't a aim on his checklist,
I just want to make the audible freshness for the def kids


Infinity's forever, never ending like a drum loop
Blending with distortion and guitars, we're making some soup
Something like gumbo, better let her bump, dude
Play it pulling up slow, echo through the sun roof
Anacron and Sleigh Bells do it like none do
If it is, pray tell who they bite? Us, fool!
You don't have to trust me, I don't have to trust you,
you could call it Us3, Anacreezy plus two

Dark clubs, loud music
Spark plugs, crowds moving
Art, love, now do it

Hitting beats so hard, go head!


(Original lyrics published only)
Track Name: Sturdy Mobbin' (Ice Cube Cover) w/ Sir Jinx
Four fly niggas in an Asian whip
Better yet, V-Tec Civic, fitted with a major kit
Dipped! Front and back panes got tint
Sober, not bent homie, 'cause I got sense
and fools can't hold us
Every chance we get, we serve it up the coldest
I'll never sport camo with the green guys
I'd rather sport bow ties slangin' bean pies
I rock thrifty T-shirts every month
with Nudie denim (that's raw cut)
I'm finna get rich
'Cause life ain't nothing but money, fuck a bitch
Lay them down like dominoes
and if you didn't know, Anacron got a lot of hoes
So after I tap that
I hit and quit it, get fitted in Olivers and a black hat
I'm on the move
All you're going to get is some dap and an attitude
Buckle up and mash out like Batman and Robin
Bitch, 'cause Anacron is mobbin

Rumble with thunder sticks
I'd rather be locked in a cell than buried under it
Plus I'm getting grands, boy
Fuck iPhone, move to Android
Told all my friends
"don't imitate, yawl; decimate these little trends"
Fools get drunk and want to compete
Rap battles in the street
Rappers get mad, tempers are flaring
because we've got a few slimmies staring
Trying to impress a dime
but scandalous bitches waste your precious time
I make it my duty to cuss 'em
out 'cause I just don't trust 'em
This bumperhead-hipster-skateboard-Betty
should've already known Anacron is mobbin'

Since one-time's so hot
got me a stash box in the Honda for the Glock
and I'm rolling black spokes
Eating soul food from Serving Spoon with a silver fork
Maxin' like a muhfuh
Greasy-ass fingers make it hard to turn the bump up
Saw MTM bellin'
put the window down, straight yellin, "what up loc"
Don't you know that homies get ganked
walking around here like it's straight? Get in fool
I'll swoop you to the pad soon
Stop at Taco Bell and drop a load in the bathroom
Messaging the contract-writers
Coming out feeling about ten pounds lighter
Hit up AK (OG AumniKrises) "What up wit'it, jack?"
Finna hit the spot DJ MDA's spinnin' at
Mikecheck turn it up like ramps
and fools try to bite like vamps
Jedi make tramps get damp
Gallery, blowin' up your amps
Get down, bitch!

(original lyrics published only)
Track Name: Silver Trembling Hands f/ Himself, Toast, w/ The Flaming Lips
So high it's a beautiful mess
smiles and dances, wipes her hands on her dress
Like falling in love for the very first time
addicting and it hurts, but she keeps doing lines
Smoking, drinking, popping, whatever clears the pain
to fly above reality, so she forgets her name
The kind of girl who said she's only happy when it rains
a sad story, but she's the only one to blame

I'm left leaving voicemails when you high, when you throwed,
when you pill-poppin, pill-poppin on the dancefloor
You don't stop, get it, get it, Anna Nicole and Kim Mathers with it
You hit it and you sip it, never know where your night is ending
It could be tonight, right here on the dancefloor
I'm calling to show my concern, I can't show no more
I'm going to leave it up to your man to stress
that's why we've always only been BFF's

Escape from reality, perpetuate sanity
on a bed of feathered pillows, fuck the world, fuck vanity
Smeared make-up down her cheek, fuck the breakup it ain't me
So tired of the bullshit, won't wake up, I can't sleep
Wiped the sweat from her palms on the sheets, hit the bong
Empty baggies on the desk, chain-smoking cigarettes
Hair drenched in the stench from the smoke
as she ashes on her clothes time passes, she knows that she's alone

She escapes from her reality
distracted by the fact that happiness is just a fallacy
She runs from everything she needs to face
placed into a space where she can fit in while she's being fake
She does things that would normally make her turn up her nose
She gets a little too comfortable and drifts lazily away from her goals and I know
that as soon as her high is fading and she's coming down
she's thinking about me and she's wishing I was still around

When she's high
Track Name: Higher w/ Game, Jay Electronica, Swizz Beatz
Anacron. Ya'll know what my name is
I'm'a trip 'cause these lames is brainless
Standing in the line of fire is dangerous
Ripping a new anus, Crippin' in blue Penguins
Language limitless, slain with sentences
Biters know who the new guy to mimic is
They don't want it, 'cause they'll get it when I give it
Rollin' on midgets with a Hero or a Civic
Smashing toys, fashion boys bother me
Slangin' music out the trunk, highway robbery
Take to the sky on a natural high
I'm factual, fly, but gradual, guy
They had to be high to think they could take
this rappin', beat-making, DJ that still breaks
This is the real weight, "going hard" I still ain't,
'cause this spit is so acidic my niglet, it peels paint

(Original lyrics published only)
Track Name: Turn Me On w/ Dr. Dre
At first glance
I might not look like I'd ever have a chance
Slim, brown skin, fashionable, not feminine
hot like cinnamon, the envy of many men
Pullin women in the "Top 10" of them
I always get 'em when they look back, then again
Awkward, but I'm cute to these dames
No games, Trivial Pursuits not my thang
She came over, asked my name, and then sang:
"Everything about you turns me on"
Is that right
I might could handle that later on tonight
I got her so excited -- Listen, Pointer Sister
Misses, I could play your mister in a tantric game of Twister
She's worked up, turnt up, if it works out
she'll be turned out, burned out, when I spurt some
Eff a squirt gun, I got a super soaker
and she knew that she'd be on it 'fore the night was over
She pursued her dreams like Oprah when she spoke up:
"Everything about you turns me on."

I like 'em brown-skinned, Caucazoid, or Asian
pretty face, thin frame, and my heart is racin'
I see a woman with a pinch of some class
and she got that look like Prince and Jordache
I'm a gentleman, I'll enter in the door last
but I could turn a good girl to a whore fast
A wink and a smile is enough to get you wildin'
(what about the smile) Bitch, I am smilin'
Bit her on her lip, turned to her ear, whispered
"Everything about you turns me on"
Boy, that was a sinch
Little hints with a pinch; underoos drenched
Kissing on my neck, she's so far past ready
I'm a' smash Betty in the car, Fast Eddie
Play it cool -- I'm a' make her wait
If she takes the bait, I'm a' have to take the cake
That American Pie, I touched her inner thigh
She sighed when I looked in her eyes
and she took it deeper when she spoke these words:
"Everything about you turns me on."

(Original lyrics published only)
Track Name: She's Cold (Tay-Tay) w/ Robin Thicke, Swizz Beatz

She is like the summertime
When she smiles, the sun'll shine
Makes me warm, I love her vibe
Lost in love, I want to find
the way to her heart
Whenever we are not together, I'm torn apart
Beautiful in every way, a perfect work of art
Down to earth and hella smart


She is like a dream to me
Perfect as she seems to be
Words from her lips sing to me
Thai and fly mixed beauty queen
She's so exotic
thoughts that I have are beyond erotic
Everything I need and I want she's got it
she started off hot then
she's so cold

I met her on a special night
Skates and short-shorts; Roller Derby Dynamite
She was kind of like the kind of girl I kinda like;
slim, nice lips, with a camera on her hip
I admit, I was intrigued just a little bit
Beautiful as ever; clever, well-whittled wit
We met at Melrose Johnny Rocket's (not a date)
Chili dogs and really fogged feelings, yo I gotta wait

(Original lyrics published only)
Track Name: I Want To Know (Can't Stop) w/ Mariah Carey, HNNY
I traveled so far and I can't stop now
When I dock, stockpile 'nuff frequent flyer miles
Hatch closed, seat forward, leave behind ground
Altitudes reach toward thirty-nine thou' (going up)
I joined the mile high club
So fly, getting high, touched the sky, cuz
Making beats in an aisle seat, reclining
I'm on cloud 9, right behind silver lining
Finding peace at thirty thousand feet
Hell of a commute, dude - this is how I eat
In and out of terminals, terminally burning fools
earning loot every time I touch down and turn it loose
I'm not a baller 'cause I never did it for the dollars
I do it for the hollers that I get from music scholars
Living as an entertainer's up and down like hand-hops
but I know until my brand pops, homie that I
can't stop

(Original lyrics published only)
Track Name: I Tried (To Get Down) w/ Gordon Voidwell
It was Thursday night
At the Root Down club
Everyone was steppin' with a partner, back to front
That was cool and all

...I don't really want to get down like that

When I walked inside
I found my folks
breaking in the middle of an oval just like yolk
This is how we do

...bring it back, 'cause we get down like that

We get down a bit different
Innovate in a cipher, inventors in a sense
Stealing innocence, chicks hot when they watch
digging what I'm doing, having impure thoughts
I'm focused on the floor though, cookin' like DiGiorno
I got downrock tricks, pose porno
Don't nobody understand why I did it
but this is how I get it

It was Friday night
at the Key Club show
I got VIP access because my name is known
Backstage trying to post

... I don't really want to get down like that

I stay in the crowd
lounging with real people
Mingling, absorbing energy from peers and equals
I'm just down to Earth

...I don't really want to get down like that

I'm hella normal in fact
I don't separate myself with VIP in back
I'm a people watcher, watching people in the crowd
getting down with their friends, being loud, hanging out
This is living; loving the vibe together
While superstars stay sequestered, fresher than a leper
Rocking Blu-Blockers when it's blacker than the truth
You ain't comfortable with us 'cause you ain't comfortable with you

...this is how we get down

(Original lyrics published only)