The Facelift 3: Cosmetic Characteristics

by Anacron

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Anacron's annual remix album series continues with "The Facelift 3", yet another impressive installation of reshaped sounds and ideas from the "Unfamous" one. Following what's become tradition, Anacron reworks a motley assortment of songs; bending and sometimes breaking the original structure of tunes with mild to extreme crafting and arrangement. However, no matter how removed from the original, the end result seems to always be spectacular. Whether you love or hate the original version of any song that Anacron chooses to receive a "face lift", his meticulous writing, composing, producing, and mixing process is sure to birth something that brings a positive response from any listener. With 12 tracks in total (2 hidden bonus tracks with download), Anacron's "The Facelift 3: Cosmetic Characteristics" is a better than great addition to the casual eclectic's every day playlist.

"...Miles beyond the typical hip-hop 'mixtape,' Anacron employs his talents as a producer, instrumentalist, rapper, and singer to morph 12 previously crafted tunes into completely evolved (and revolved) interpretations." -

" typical multi-talented ‘Cron fashion, he gets down with instrument playing (sax, keys, drums), rapping, singing, producing, and arranging. He’s a mean, hard-working machine. It’s quite dope, so give it a listen..." -

" know this is gonna be good :)" - Underground Me Now


released January 17, 2012

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Anacron Los Angeles, California

Music producer, composer, instrumentalist, DJ, & b-boy. Defining versatile, his music touches all, inspiring awe with amazing performances. Recognized and having collaborated with well-known names in underground hip-hop; Anacron's built a successful yet unassuming history in music. Comfortably celebrating an UNFAMOUS status, he defies fleeting hype, finding success through hard work & pure talent. ... more

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Track Name: Anacron w/ Jazzanova - 2012 (Motivate)
Welcome to 2012
The past jumped and bailed, making room for something swell
The time's here, this is your year
The present's come in well and the future's honey-veiled
It's right in front of you, believe it and achieve it
Grow and close your eyes, and I bet that you could see it
Motivation -- no one can teach it
All you've got to do is reach out, and you will reach it
Take the first step, make the first move
You'll only find the oasis if there's a thirst, dude
Now, I'm the worst dude to try to preach the first rule
I procrastinate at times; I'm a person, too
When you fall down, get up again
I know it's tough; but then, you've got to be tougher than
the little stuff that bends your focus off the golden gates when
heaven waits inside motivation

Act now
Get it then
Now and then it pushes back, you should push again
Hope and wait
or motivate
Make it happen, get it crackin', you control your fate

It's up to you to take control
Let go, and let your soul
motivate you
Only you can motivate you

It's the root of creation
It's the drive to live
This is how we evolve

Track Name: Anacron ft. Mr. Dope America, Z-Man - So West Coast
This the California that you don't yet know
Once you get a grasp on it, you won't let go
There's more than you have seen
on television screens
and these the things that make us so West Coast

I'm so L.A.
in ways y'all ain't even know L.A.
DIS4, Venice Shore all day
but KDubb kept me cool with the OFA's
Lower Ladera was my home base
where the light-skinned, middle class Black folk stay
Only 10 minutes away from Leimert Park,
where Crenshaw cultivated culture and art
Proud brown Bohemes were my role-models,
so I took the word of Watts Prophets out to Chicago
but I'm L.A. all day, with 'nuff bravado
Avocado tilapia tacos in a Murcielago


[Mr. Dope America]
Yeah, Cali got surfer bitches
blonde babes in bikinis
up and down the beaches
But whatchu know about Armenians
Fine ass Glendale Gallerinians
Look it up, get your Wikipedi in
See me in Zankou, Garlic sauce on my chickian
But what about the Mexicans that listen to The Smiths
Oldies is cool but Rockabilly is how they dress
Here in California Art Laboe is still the lik
I dedicate this song with all my corazon and shit
When I'm up in Humboldt I ain't trying to smoke
Blueberry donuts to the neck from Don's loc



Track Name: Anacron w/ Malakai - Shitkicker
[Original Lyrics]

I'm a shit-kicker / Little bit quicker
Hollering out, "what the french toast, lint-licker?!"
It's a war cry battles are endorsed by
If you're coming, I'ma get it open like a door guy
I'll give you one shot, you don't get no more tries
Serving me is happening like Muslims serving pork pies
Get on my bad side, I'll get on your sore side
When I'm done, your name is going to be "That Poor Guy"
I know he's embarrassed!
My will is giving whippings, want to be an heiress?
Spark danger at a park ranger, grizzly bear-ish
Burnt in a cap and sweater, Freddy nightmare-ish
Eff niggas in Paris, you a cracker man in Pakistan
You ain't gonna make it out alive once it's crackin, man
That's how you do it when the set is Gallery
I don't understand why any man would want to battle me

Put on your poker face, I'll put on a monkey face
Anacron and Malakai, Superfly: "Junkie Chase"
Keep it moving hella smooth and at a funky pace
Doing it until it's ruined, or when something breaks
It ain't for pumping brakes, this is for accelerating
Like walking in a bank to see a sexy teller waiting
We finna cash out before we mash out
and if the rollies block us in, we're going to blast out
High decibel levels are very necessary
if you rock us, carry the raucous to every territory
Yeah, I can chop it up / if you think this is a bite
check my history in the opening of "This Is The Life"
Same dope raincoat I was always flossing
Riding down to Crenshaw, number 108 on Slauson
Old school, fool / Newbies don't know me
but I'm cool being low-key / Underground O.G.
Track Name: Anacron ft Cazal Organism, Summer Rona - Music History

This fins'ta be history
The beat slump like muscular dystrophy
Defy the laws of quantum physics
Anacron from The Gallery, Cazal from Zzyzzx
Historical moments are monumentally sound
but historical sounds break monumental moments down
We've all had that moment from the past that
resurfaced in a flashback with a song
Bet you sang along / Music's so timeless
Anachronistic could specifically define this
So I write motivational raps
'cause music with meaning is bridging generational gaps
I'm with the lil' homies; ShortBus, Milky (Way), and Zack (Sekoff)
Back to the future, to the future and back
The tracks that I make create a place for me in history
so when I'm past, the present keeps listening

[Summer Rona + Anacron]
And the music keeps on playing
On and on

[Cazal Oganism]
Gorillaz and Dilla, growing up, foundation
Pops me up on the Zulu, the Nation
It was fantastic, Tony Hawk video
Game sound track, had Loot Pack
There was dope, and of course, the wack
But the kid knew who had the illest, tracks
Don't let it go to my head though
Brand Nubian, Gang Starr, made me 7
At 11 I was bumpin, Gwen and Pharrell
Bussa Buss, Roots, Doom, Jarel
E 40, slayer, metallica, snoop
Learn from Black Moon how to wrip any booth
It's truth. Jay and B drove me crazy
Outkast Stereolab could save me
Maybe it's Lupe, made me this way
Props like these? Dues I must pay. Peace

I played vinyl out my folk's collection
Jazz on Crenshaw / Leimert Park section
Thursday nights, 1580 KDAY
Good Life mainstay, underground hey-day
Hip Hop and soul, funk and jazz
I'd even rip rock and roll, punk, and mash
out to Martin's Records twice a week for crate digging
Building up an arsenal of beats for late gigging
In the 90's, we was open minded
hunting down all the underground dope and find it
It wasn't easy; we ain't had iTunes
I had to ditch school and catch the bus to buy tunes
The effort cultivated an appreciation
That's what's missing from today's generation
'Cause nothing ever felt the same as ripping cellophane,
sitting back, and reading jackets / bumping something mellow, mayne
Track Name: Anacron ft Tajai - Catch A Rad One
People having memory loss / acting like I ain't a boss that's tossing ho tricks with a closed fist
Get ya men, cuz I'm actively smacking G's out my face / cut up the bass fool
The track'll be triumphant / pump it, the volume increases releases the nicest pieces
Please listen to my album
Especially if you're White like talcum and you pay /it's all great
Boom my tunes, I assume you'll be swooned and never hate it / If you ever stated
a word against me / I'll serve a MC, simply slappin' like pimps be / homie don't tempt me
Trying to get over / I'm down for mines
It takes an ounce of time to write down the rhymes that'll rip yours to shreds / I said salutations
Introduce Anacron and the crowd's planted on the edge of they seats / I'm 'a lift them high
How we live we die and I refuse to lose
New school lames / We don't blame them for biting
They don't even know / what they do has been in writing
This ain't a game
Rearranging vocals Del ran off
I go until I cure the cancer / that demolished what hip hop had once protected / Bring back honor and respect kid

Who caught it? Who bought it? If you're a friend then you won't get slaughtered

I got juice / and let loose a little bit of cleverness whether kids support it or they boost
Fools get ready / or be jetty / you met me the hurricane / That'll break your levees
So the next generation of youths will be lacing their boots taking it to suits that use you to recoup loots
Why you split what you did? I'd rather give it free than these dudes get one blue cent
They gonna lie out necks and wreck your record
Outstanding! / I can't stand handling and grand-standing branding to the people
If we quit, then they won't have a damn bit of clout kid / If you doubt it, you're already out of line
so let me remind your behind about the bat that I use to break your knees
Little buster trying to run / Fool, please
He didn't think that I would G-down
Now he's clowned / Looking like a mark on the ground
I'm not no slave, I stay unconfined
always speak my mind and still clock a dime from design

Who caught it? Who bought it? If you're a friend then you won't get slaughtered If you're an enemy then you're going to get martyred!
Track Name: Anacron w/ Lenny Kravitz - Superlove
[Original Lyrics]

Anacron and Lenny
Ladies love us from the Audubon to Guinea
Many of them came and went, but there's one
that's plainly it, because she's comparable to none
She's a honeydip in Metropolis
and there ain't no Boogiemonster that could hope for stopping this
Pardon Miss; but I got to be blunt;
it took a lot of ladies to figure out what I want
and that's you

Her love is super-duper
so I guess you can call me Lex Luthor
Because there's something so truth
when we can't resist the urge and jump in a phone booth
Pulling shirts open, knowing she is
kryptonite, my freakiest weakness
Peep this: Clark Kent meets Lois Lane
Perfect together, and you know this, mayne
Track Name: Anacron ft ShortBus w/ Willow Smith, Nicki Minaj - Fireball

WOW / When I walk into the party, fools be like
OW / 'cause I'm setting fire to the roofing like
YEOW / I burn a disco inferna'
Come busting, I'm blazing ojos / Combustion spontaneoso
Whew! I do my dance like a winner
Make it hot like an ember / burn the dance floor to cinder
It'll be just like a backdraft aftermath
Ain't nobody want to do that dance after that
Ribbit ribbit / let me get the keys to the Civic
Finna get it 400 degrees in a minute
Call me Muhammad Ali G "innit innit"
They love it when I blend it while I spin it

[ShortBus Bryce]

Hello it's Bryce, head of the class
Always the first, never the last
All of the swag is what ya'll lack
Just a few seconds, and I'll give you that
I'm on fire / Put me out
Take down / Yeah, that's right; knock out
Relatives on the track, you should bow down
Anacron and his nephew / how does that sound?
I'll let the beat drop, then I let it come around
as I'm climbing to the top, you're falling down
I try to stay modest, but it's hard to do so
Probably 'cause 'm hot like fire, bro
Track Name: Anacron w/ Kokane - Twilight Zone
[Original Performance Lyrics]

...Grapple and grippin ya,
gafflin' and gettin' ya, back when it was simpler,
it was never like that
Bringing indie right back, labels waving white flags
Mainstream turn-around quicker than bike mags
All that lady-like swag got 'them hating like fags
Never thought I'd see the day
a White girl got ways with saying "nigga" on tape
Y'all slaves / Chained up, whipped into shape
I'm riding with the rise of the planet of the apes
So get your neighbor, start waving goodbye
I'm banging West Coast flavor until the day that I die

Out there doing the worst, G / They're so thirsty
Chasing recognition on Twitter and it hurts me
Degrading themselves when festivals come around
Jockin' fools that don't give a f**k about underground
Begging to get put on a flyer
You're only making yourself look like a liar
Talking about being a boss on microphones, mayne
Get up off your knees / Do your own thang
The underground died, now it's just like a scene
A gang of marks chasing indie deals and Hype Machine
I'm doing me / Rippin' on bars quicker...
Track Name: Anacron ft Matt Gamin w/ Iva Lamkum - Turn Around
[Original Performance Lyrics]

She's way too judgemental
to be living at her Mom's, pulling up in some rental
Looking down her nose; frowning, clowning everyone
when she ain't even comfortable or humble where she's from
How (are) you critical of people so fast?
Even quicker than you ran from your past
She hates her hometown, let go of the city
Ghetto, but pretty; yet, so saditty
Relocated / Traded real / What's the deal, dude?
All them tattoos can't conceal the real you
So she hides behind utterance and impulse
Self righteous with her judgments and insults
Constructive criticism / Get a raw dose
Almost worse to all those that she calls close
What a scorpio / Grading everybody else
Actually projecting what she really hates about herself

[Matt Gamin]
do they wanna judge you cause youre a flosser
shit talkers and waupners wanna judge you but its awkward
always the first to holler and the last to follow through
keep grindin nevermindin and doin what you do
stay on it nine to five
its a thing of beauty when peers turn against you trying to assign jury duty
turn players to plaintiffs
police the game like rent a cop bailiffs
always down for ugly
overblown sense of duty
or just barkin like they're hungry
family callin you cutty
then youre man start actin funny
sure as jealousy congeal in the field like damp undies
i wish you all the good things in life and more
from hotel suites new fans and pre paid tours
till then i can only do my best not yours
so eat your own heart out fool like cannibal corpse
Track Name: Anacron w/ Rollerskaters - Sleep Tight
[Original Performance Lyrics]

After school, there's so much to do
but most of the time, I think of you

This is magical,
resickulous, and radical
I probably should be mad at a fool
for making me fall that bad for you
From afternoon until evening comes
I stare at homework and still feel dumb
I watch cartoons and still feel bored
Eat my dinner, still need more
Always and forever / forever and always
the memories sever all days
In several ways, I'm holding on
Handful of thorns on a golden arm
Think of the "us" from before the harm
Climb into bed, set your alarm
You feel it too / This can't be right
One more night alone / Sleep tight

After school, there's so much to do
but most of the time, I think of you

It's too hard to remember
Always and forever
Hold on now
We're over now
Sleep tight