This Is Me b​/​w Proverbial Slap

by Anacron



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Exclusive release, available via internet March 7, 2011.

Once again proving his merit as a songwriter and producer, Anacron flexes the best aspects of his creativity all over this single, adding two more soon-to-be classics to the unwritten history of the new-school hip hop renaissance.

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"Anacron raps cleverly on who he is and what he’s about. Lyrical heat while makin’ your body move to the beat... Heavy on claps, turntablism, and live instrumentation. I love the scratches and saxophone."
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‎"Raw lyrics over raw hip hop production that ties in many musical influences. For a minute, I thought this was a DNB track but naw, It’s pure Hip Hop."
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"I admit the words 'club banger' ALWAYS make me turn the other cheek, [but] Im glad I hit play on this one. DOPE at a FAST PACE!"
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"Anacron brings energy and intelligence to the party with “This Is Me”, a new track created exclusively for Fusicology‘s 'What Is Good Music 2011' compilation"
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"...Shit makes we wanna go out tonight!"
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released March 7, 2011

All songs written, performed, and produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc/Unfamous
All songs feature turntablism by The OG Daze for Wombsicle/GalleryDeeJays
All instruments played by Anacron

Model: Barbee Jane
Design: INK.mob



all rights reserved


Anacron Los Angeles, California

Music producer, composer, instrumentalist, DJ, & b-boy. Defining versatile, his music touches all, inspiring awe with amazing performances. Recognized and having collaborated with well-known names in underground hip-hop; Anacron's built a successful yet unassuming history in music. Comfortably celebrating an UNFAMOUS status, he defies fleeting hype, finding success through hard work & pure talent. ... more

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Track Name: This Is Me

This is me (x4)

Allow me to reintroduce myself,
my name is Anacron - phonics induce how it's spelled
Writing songs and making music produce my wealth
'cause I'm an artist breaking rules in the booth by self
I'm not a follower, never been a conformist
When you're guideline's formless, possibility's enormous
My art's a polymer putty that's hella muddy
but I still create beauty with whatever I'm given, buddy
This defines "good music"
That underground, Liemert Park to Silver Lake infused with
that Whiskey Teeth, Culture King, browsing Fusicology,
hashtag-"Now Playing" trending topic, follow me
Find me on Twitter, I'm a rhyme freon spitter
Hyphy, icy-cold flows bold bro's throwed 'bow's to
I'm finna show you how pro's do, it's so true
Gallery's a dope crew, and Anacron's the GOAT, fool

This is me (x4)

My mindframe is Unfamous
It's not a label; it's a lifestyle, language,
and love for music, not that lack-luster lameness
It's not exclusive, any open mind could claim this
Natural for the nameless; underdogs anonymous
Those with open eyes can see the underground is ominous
What happened to the bond in this, what happened to "community"
Busters at the top ditchin unity for immunity
I'm a writer and a breaker and an MC
I'm a DJ and producer, and it's in me
That L.A. mentality to signify my family ties
Understand me guys, I am Hip Hop personified
Ahead of my time, futuristic messenger
Blessing them since '89, now they're barely catching up
Rappers singing hooks now, sagging tight jeans
but I bet they can't get down like me on black and white keys

This is me (x12)

Damn fool, you don't know Anacron yet? Man, you're wrong
Bet I'm more shell-shocking when I'm rocking than a 'Nam vet
Going off from the on-set
I could dumb it down or clown around spitting grammar complex
That sideways talk ought to balance or get checked
When you talk to me, you'd better come politically correct
'cause uh, I'll White House you
and I ain't got to fake on what I'm all about, fool
I'm a warfarer jumping out of your mirror
if you call me out, Peanut Gallery torch-bearer
I rep my set, forget the rest
loyalty's my best quality from breath 'til death
Down for the homies, my partners are like kin to me
and I could be your best friend or your worst enemy
It ain't no in-between, I'm down to hold a grudge
we could get along and grow or we could beef and never budge

This is me (x4)
Track Name: Proverbial Slap

What it is young world
Peanut G's in here
And we rock it so thorough
Ya'll won't even know when to cheer
Anacron, DJ Daze
Foundations that we stand upon
hella strong, never sways
Bringing that west coast heat
Chin-check a chinchilla
Manoemusicc on the beat
trying to channel J. Dilla
with a tribute and a song
rocked with no rehearsal
Unfamous Anacron
Underground, never commercial