Boom, Boom!

by Anacron featuring OMM



This is the acclaimed short single, as heard on TV's Entourage, Dexter, True Blood, and more! Recorded during Anacron and Old Man Malcolm's lost "Cornrowz" sessions.


When we pull up to the club it go [Boom boom]
When we rolling down the block it go [Boom boom]
If I take it out my belt it go [Boom boom]

We in a drop top way too gully
Flat brim fitted, west coast skullies
Other fools try to roll up, but you know what
Show the toast marks slow up
Hold up - What's really hood
Sitting in a scraper with the TV in the wood
It's going down like I said that it would
Hydro's bounce like a hydro should
All the doors open, wheels still smokin
dancin on the roof; grinning, but I ain't jokin
In the intersection with the tints blacked up
Sounds jacked up, traffic backed up
We stay macked up, bangin like what
Throwin up sets, leave 'em hangin' like what
We like the legion of doom
Leaning to the side while the track goes boom


released January 1, 2008
Written and performed for television and film licensing by Anacron. Produced by Old Man Malcolm for T. Malcolm Michiles Music. Licensed by Burst Media, Milwaukee WI.



all rights reserved


Anacron Los Angeles, California

Music producer, composer, instrumentalist, DJ, & b-boy. Defining versatile, his music touches all, inspiring awe with amazing performances. Recognized and having collaborated with well-known names in underground hip-hop; Anacron's built a successful yet unassuming history in music. Comfortably celebrating an UNFAMOUS status, he defies fleeting hype, finding success through hard work & pure talent. ... more

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