Scene And Not Herd (Produced by J. Todd)

by Anacron

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This FunkDojo-produced burner first appeared as the backdrop to a highlight video from Anacron's early 2009 tour of Mexico. The song raised more than a few eyebrows with it's gruff and matter-of-fact vocals and slap-heavy beats, sending DJ's and collectors into an MP3-searching frenzy. The tune eventually faded into YouTube obscurity, seemingly to never be heard again; but now, it resurfaces as a ready-to-download cut for lovers of gritty hip hop lyrics and breaks.

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You got it from me, stop foolin

These fools is funny style
dummies filed in flocks copy the funky child
I've done what I do since the dawn of a different era
where a biter was banned with brawn
Never thought I'd spawn all these little Anacrons
The big buck never should've abandoned the fawns
Acting like doe's, concerned with your clothes over skill
when that sick style you're sporting was stole from me
Don't believe it? Check the EP's
"Tight Jeans & Sneaks" was a (19)96 release
I flossed fashions foreign to hoods to feel unique
not to fuel your femininity, you freakin' geeks
Cameras arm-length on the street in a group
Models posing, Myspace profile photo shoots
How embarrassing! Effin' nerds
Lame lambs led to slaughter with the rest of the herd

You got it from me, stop foolin

Here he is, the mysterious,
curious enigma nigras need to take serious
Hear ye, hear ye, this is a myriad
of musings made to question exclamations of this period
Clearly, it's an age where the ageless have found
that the underground was hype, now the hype is underground
It's sad that the dividend we used to bend the rules
became an accessible trend in the end
Hipsters dressing like their Black friends to pretend
they been down; they barely started coming around
Moolie's meander in mandarin-colored tees,
rocking shutter-blind shades on the street ni**a please
Get a grip! Learn about the culture
before you meddle (metal) in the scene and bring it death like Sepultra
Mad at the machine with corporate sponsors on your team
Your un-scene is obscene

We stay fresh like velamints
Hella bent ya'll are polluting the elements
You all about the scene and being a part of the herd
You ought to be seen and not heard


released February 14, 2011
Written and performed by Anacron for Manoemusicc / Unfamous.
Produced by J.Todd for Funk Dojo.

Original version copyright 2008.

Design by Manoe.One for INKmob Grafx.
Photography by Upe Bowie (Caceres, Spain).



all rights reserved


Anacron Los Angeles, California

Music producer, composer, instrumentalist, DJ, & b-boy. Defining versatile, his music touches all, inspiring awe with amazing performances. Recognized and having collaborated with well-known names in underground hip-hop; Anacron's built a successful yet unassuming history in music. Comfortably celebrating an UNFAMOUS status, he defies fleeting hype, finding success through hard work & pure talent. ... more

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